Saturday 14 December 2013

Common customer issues in shipping

We briefly discuss common customer issues related with shipping. The first question is how you know the common issues - the answer is no, you cannot.  Because one size does not fit all. The common issues to you are may not be the common issue to others. One issue is reoccurring and common means there is  some problem or inefficiency in the system or workflow. The best way to capture this is from CRM portal. Each and every issue you receive from customer care service, you save them by marking a label as shipping and packing. In the next step,  group the similar issue, solve one by one by giving the input to technology team. We are listing here few common issues.

  • Shipment delay
    • Failure to meet the delivery SLA (decrease the rating for courier company - read more here)
    • Able to deliver, but did not notify the shipment progress. (It may be that tracking details are incorrect)  So finally customer  called your call centre. It is cost to you and causes customer dissatisfaction. Setup the proper notification system. You can think of choosing third party system for notification like Aftership.
  • Incorrect zip code mapping
    • Handling the shipment to a courier company, which do not work in customer service area, causing courier returns. (correct your zip code database)
  • Courier preferences
    • Request for specific courier service
    • Delivery at specific time/day. 
    • Failure  to deliver as per customer courier preferences directly results in customer dissatisfaction. So you need to change in the courier selection logic to honor the customer request.