Monday 16 December 2013

Functional or Axiomatic alarms

The Functional or Axiomatic alarms checks in the system or workflow for any discrepancies,  monitor whether components are in  complaisance with the axioms you have defined, notify otherwise. Axioms are like gravity, they should always holds true. The Axioms generally looks very simple, easy to understand, in fact looks silly as well. But one multiple complex workflows are operating on common database, and multiple components interaction and dependencies, think may go wrong. You can make the system strong, but, some loopholes can be captured  externally. We list few of the beautiful Axiomatic alarms here.

Payment Alarms

Axiom: The sum of order values should be equal to money collected from all payment methods. The alarms can be per hour, per day, or weekly basis. Example: In a particular hour 10 orders of each value 200$ placed, then money collected should be equal to 2000$.  If this  alarm raised means, it is very high priority and critical.


Pricing  Alarms

Axiom: The price of the product  on webpage should always be less than price of product procured.  If the price of the product is more than what you have procured, then you are selling it for loss. This is to avoid potential flaws of pricing service. If the product price is lowered for marketing, promotion, clearing the dead wood inventory purpose, then it should be clearly marked as exception. So Before alerting with this alarm the program should check for exceptions.


Procurement Alarms

Axiom:  The  procured(inventory miss) product should not be  available in the inventory.  If you are procuring the product because it is not available in the inventory with high priority, then it should not be in the inventory.

Axiom: Number of products being procured should be equal to the number of products in the vendor purchase order.


Customer return Alarms

Axiom: The amount to be returned for a customer return item should be less than or equal to the order value - the price to which the customer purchased.


Order Shipment Alarms

Axiom: If all the items are shipped for a customer order, then the orders status should be closed.

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