Wednesday 1 January 2014

Ecommerce Business partners: Aviling B2B services

Some times you fall into this confusion to take the help of B2B services or not?  The important factor take decision is  whether are funded start up or not funded start up (self funded) start up. If the company is not funded, then the decision is purely trivial, it depends on your  financial situation. Can you afford it or not? 

If you are funded start-up, then you have some cash in hand, and you are under tremendous pressure of
hiring right people. Even you hire right people, you would ask them to work on core and critical component.
So in some sense, you can build the less important components which can improve the customer experience, but keep postponing them. These components are always present on your to do list. What to do in such cases?

One very good alternative is to take help of b2b services, where you pay them by your use.
Pay be use means, you pay for the service as long as you use it. Once you are scaling up, then slowly you can  build those services and stop taking the help of b2b services. But till that moment you can really take the help of  b2b products to  improve the customer experience. we are listing few examples below.

  • After ship for sending the shipment notifications
  • Taking third parties help in reverse logistics
  • Outsourcing the customer care
  • Trouble ticket system
  • Analytics services

There are many more such products. We will discuss such more products in respective topics.


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