Sunday, 20 July 2014

CRM tools and it's significance in lean improvements

The only component which should not be outsourced is CRM portal - customer relationship management.   Because it is only the way your customer interact with you, and in turn gives the feedback.  This feedback is the significant input to correct your system, process and work flow.   The CRM is consists of customer care call centre, or any other trouble ticketing system you are using. To know few tools available please do refer below link


You can categorise each customer complaint, and target in future to reduce the number of complaints by improving the system.  These complaints act as your actionable metrics and improve in the lean way.  Let's consider a detailed example. Say in your firm 70% of customer queries are about the delay in shipment or to know the delivery status. These shipment status queries are your direct actionable metrics.

The quick and apt solution for the is to send the SMS or email notifications to the customer about the shipment delivery status live. Then obviously customers are aware of shipment,  tracking location, and in turn, reduce your CRM calls. This is a very good example of using CRM inputs to improve the quality of service.